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RDS Alumínios

Company of manufacture and placement of own works of aluminum frames

All materials are in compliance with European standards.


RDS Alumínios Lda. intends to be the reference brand of products / services in the markets in which it operates and recognized for its capacity for innovation and alignment with market demands.

Missão RDS Alumínios


As a mission RDS Aluminios Lda aims to reach an increasing number of costumers that are looking for the best quality products and services in civil construction finishings thus fulfilling all its commitments regarding their costumers needs and aspirations.

Whether it is a new construction or a renovation, you will find what you need in our different range of products.

We distinguish ourselves by our knowledge and our careful work, you don’t need to worry about the durability as well as the strength of your frames. Our products will allow you to save energy, ensuring a good reduction of heat loss from the interior, thus having thermal and acoustic efficiency. We must also point out that all of our materials are in compliance with European standards.


RDS Alumínios Lda., in the performance of its functions is guided by values such as:

  • quality: always delivering the best to the customer – never less than that;
  • innovation: being innovative in projects in order to anticipate and satisfy customers’ needs;
  • integrity: choice of the path that reinforces the principles of honesty, truth, loyalty, righteousness and justice in everyone’s daily conduct;
  • differentiation: questioning old solutions and if a better idea arises, is willing to improve.

The company’s performance in the market is based on a correct definition of strategic, tactical and operational objectives.